Video in Progress

Video in Progress 5
Guest Selection / Gostujoča selekcija

Video in Progress 5 Guest Selection / Gostujoča selekcija


Video in Progress 5
Guest Selection / Gostujoča selekcija

Emilio Rizzo, Tales (1957), 2013
Emilio Rizzo, Tales (1957), 2013
Silvia De Gennaro, Joie de vivre (1907), 2013
Silvia De Gennaro, Joie de vivre (1907), 2013
Didier Feldmann, Wall street crash (1929), 2013
Didier Feldmann, Wall street crash (1929), 2013
Francesca Fini, White noise (1965), 2013
Francesca Fini, White noise (1965), 2013
Paola Luciani, Xa (1974), 2013
Paola Luciani, Xa (1974), 2013



Video in Progress 5: Reflections of the Past

Guest Selection: 100×100=900 (100 VIDEO ARTISTS TO TELL A CENTURY)

Participating artists: Alysse Stepanian (IR), Evelin Stermitz (AT), Gruppefisch (DE), Emily Alden Foster (US), Danilo Stojić (RS), Marcia Beatriz Granero (BR), Hervé Penhoat (FR), Silvia De Gennaro (IT), Ries Straver (NL), Alessandro Amaducci (IT), Carl Knickerbocker (US), Mauricio Sanhueza (PE), David Cheung (CN), Arthur Tuoto (BR), Nara Denning (US), Paolo Bandinu (IT), Ulf Kristiansen (NO), Piero Chiariello (IT), ferrie = differentieel (NL), Barbara Agreste (IT), Agustin Sanchez (MX), Liang Zhao (CN), Elisabetta Di Sopra (IT), Venugopal V.G. (IN), Maria Korporal (NL), Dennis H. Miller (US), Mario Raoli (IT), Antonello Novellino (IT), Ouestbrouq (US), Videopaper (FR), soundbarrier (IT), Khaled Hafez (EG), Murka (EE), Evo Preisner (NL), Loredana Raciti (SD), Robert Ladislas Derr (US), Ora Kolmanovsky (RU), Cleantho Viana (BR), Iñigo Orduña & Claudio Molinari Dassatti (AR), Marina Fomenko (RU), Lino Strangis (IT), Juanma Carrillo (ES), Debra Fear (GB), Tal Lotan (IL), Alejandro Ramirez (ES), Eli Souaiby (LB), Manuel Díaz (MX), Gennaro Cicalese (IT), Ann Steuernagel (US), Henry Gwiazda (US), Caroline Koebel (US), Christin Bolewsky (DE), Chiara Mazzocchi (IT), Cláudia Melo (PT), Roßbacher Gerald & Weingärtner Michael (AT), Joe Hambleton (CA), Alessandro De Vita (IT), Emilio Rizzo (CH), Thorsten Fleisch (DE), Arnaud Brihay (BE), Wong Pak Yin (HK), Tania Antoshina & Artur Muradyan (RU), Malaventura (ES), Andreas Mares (AT), Erika Matsunami (JP), Francesca Fini (IT), Zlatko Ćosić (BA), Ezra Wube (ET), Hernan Apablaza (CL), Marcus Shahar (IL), Loredana Antonelli (IT), Margit Nobis (AT), Recep Akar (TR), Alexandra Mitlyanskaya (RU), Paola Luciani (IT), Gérard Cairaschi (FR), Noriko Okaku (JP), Salvatore Insana (IT), Khalil Charif (BR), Boldizsar (HU), Resmi Al Kafaji (IQ), Eleonora Manca (IT), Azahara Cerezo (ES), Kevork Mourad (SY), Eden Orion (IL), Vladimir Todorović (RS), Agata Chiusano (IT), Matías Montarcé (ES), liant0 (IT), Laurel Beckman (US), Rona Rangsch (DE), Francesca Leoni (IT), Nida Fatima Khan (PK), Colette Copeland (US), Philip Sanderson (GB), Emeka (NG), Ishii Jun’ichiro (JP), Giang Nguyen Hoang (VN), Nisrine Boukhari (SY), Russell J. Chartier & Paul J Botelho (US)

Project initiator and artistic director: Enrico Tomaselli (IT)
Production: Magmart | video under vulcano, Napoli, 2013
Venue: Kino Šiška (Komuna), Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, Ljubljana

Screening dates & times:

Period 1900-1924 (1h 27min)
Thursday, 5 June 2014, at 1.00 pm
Friday, 6 June 2014, at 2.45 pm
Saturday, 7 June 2014, at 9.10 pm

Period 1925-1949 (1h 23min)
Thursday, 5 June 2014, at 3.30 pm
Friday, 6 June 2014, at 7.00 pm
Saturday, 7 June 2014, at 1.15 pm

Period 1950-1974 (1h 45min)
Thursday, 5 June 2014, at 7:15 pm
Friday, 6 June 2014, at 9.40 pm
Saturday, 7 June 2014, at 6.45 pm

Period 1975-1999 (1h 30min)
Friday, 6 June 2014, at 12.00 pm
Saturday, 7 June 2014, at 3.50 pm

About the selection

In 2013, to celebrate 50 years of video art dating to Nam June Paik’s first video installation in Germany in 1963, Magmart | video under volcano has organised the video art project 100×100=900 (100 video artists to tell a century). 100 video artists from all over the world created 100 video artworks, each of which is based on one year from the 1900s. In an attempt to propose an overarching narration of the last century, every one of the 100 artists was tasked with interpreting a different year.

Video art is intimately acquainted with contemporary languages and their grammar and syntax, probably as never before in the history of art. Furthermore, the progressive switchover to digital media, occurring in any form of expression through images, has been reducing the separation from other usages of the digital technologies. From this perspective, the tools of video art may be defined as the most suitable ones for artistic communication between the two millennia: it has the greatest potential to influence current forms of communication.

This approach to a collective and visionary narration of the century, through a plural, artistic outlook, aims at stimulating the public discourse about past origins of the present. The artistic freedom granted to the artists, whose only affiliation is the common undertaking to interpret a specific year of the past century, is likely to change our view of that past.

100×100=900 is also a call for artists to experiment their own production within a collective context: altogether, the artworks constitute a meta-layer of interpretation, at once including and overcoming each other. Although the artists’ awareness of this meta-layer has influenced the creative process, it has done so in unpredictable ways. This is the first time that such a project has been attempted in video art and it is an experiment in itself.

Enrico Tomaselli

More information

About Magmart | video under vulacno

Magmart | video under volcano, is an international videoart festival, established in Naples, Italy, since 2005. Starting from its first edition, the festival has developed a partnership with the CAM – Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, an important territorial reality for contemporary arts, that has welcomed the 30 selected videos of any edition within its permanent collection. The festival is grown along the years, becoming a relevant event for international videoart. Recently Magmart became biennial, the IX edition will start on autumn of 2014.

About the curator

Enrico Tomaselli studied art and graphics in Palermo and Rome, and now he lives and works in Naples.
Backed by a background of classical art that comes from a solid family tradition (the founder of the artistic tradition, his great-grandfather Onofrio, famous portrait and landscape painter in Palermo between 800 and 900, so for four generations, that have seen many painters, sculptors and potters), He followed the first creative stimulus at the Art School of Palermo, and then at the European Institute of Design in Rome, and he specialized in graphic design and communication; by almost twenty years he deals with multimedia design.
In 2005, he founded the international videoart festival Magmart | video under volcano, of which he’s artistic director.
As part of the activities related to videoart, he curated numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He conceived and directed the international project 100×100=900, for the 50 years of videoart, and international project F.I.V.E. on the five senses.
For some years now he writtes a blog, in which he deals with cultural politics and contemporary art, and collaborate on these issues with some newspapers online.