Uroš Abram, Sexy East, 2006
Uroš Abram, Sexy East, 2006

Tuesday, 3 June at 7 pm:
INSIDE-OUT (Uroš Abram, Antea Arizanović, Simon Chang)
Gallery of Ljubljana Fine Artists Society

Tuesday, 3 June at 7.30 pm:
Prostor Gallery, Ljubljana

Tuesday, 3 June at 8 pm:
DIK BOUWHUIS: Tourist Landscapes: A Walk along the Mediterranean Sea
ZRC Atrium, Ljubljana

Tuesday, 3 June at 9 pm:
ZRC Atrium & LP Bar, Ljubljana


Uroš Abram, Antea Arizanović, Simon Chang

Tuesday, 3 June at 7 pm / Gallery of Ljubljana Fine Artists Society

The exhibition Inside-Out displays works by three local visual artists, all members of the Ljubljana Fine Artists Society, who use photography as their principal means of expression. In their work they rethink the border between public and private within an information era of a society transitioning into an extremely extroverted phase. The artists focus on one of the most omnipresent phenomena of public presentation of reality – pornography – which in essence, is a transposition of what is usually a completely intimate act, into the public domain.

The exhibition is a result of a collaboration between DLUL, ZDSLU and Photonic Moments festival.


3-30 June 2014



Tuesday,  3 June at 6 pm / Prostor Gallery, Ljubljana

Living Walls is the title of a performance-triptych of photographs developed by Katja Goljat & Andrej Firm created directly on the gallery wall. The artists transform the gallery space into a darkroom and their photographic triptych will be completed during the opening photographic performance, when the audience will be able to witness the creation of the last photograph – live. In recent years (despite digitalisation, or perhaps because of it) a tendency towards a return to ‘analogue’ photography, which offers somewhat different visual aesthetics, can be observed in the field of contemporary photography.  MORE…

3–30 June 2014


DIK BOUWHUIS: Tourist Landscapes: A walk along the Mediterranean Sea

Tuesday, 3 June at 8 pm / LP bar & ZRC Atrium Ljubljana

The Mediterranean tourist landscape can be understood as a collective emotional and mental landscape. It’s a mythical landscape; a landscape full of promise, a landscape of great expectations and deep desires. For me it was also the holiday environment of my childhood.
In many ways, it is a landscape of transformation. An artist can take a banal object from its everyday context and place it in another context by which means it may possibly take on a different meaning. As a meandering artist I, on the other hand, started off by placing myself in this other world, this tourist landscape.  MORE…

3-28 June 2014


PRESENTATION OF PHIL – Photon Image Library
Tuesday, 3 June at 9 pm / LP bar & Atrij ZRC Ljubljana
Presetntation of the web portal – Photon Image Library: ways of collaborating for the artists, ways of purchasing images and selection of photographers represented by PHIL.


Tuesday, 3 June from 9.30 pm to 11 pm / ZRC Atrium & LP bar, Ljubljana

Evening projections display international selection of artists and photographers shown in two sections: curated selections & official programmes.


Documentary film A Balkan Tale
Tuesday, 3 June at 11 pm / ZRC Atrium & LP bar, Ljubljana