V.A.T Group – ‘Zone Trbovlje’

Andrej Uduč, 'Cona 2GNm2', 2010


From November 2 until November 20, 2010
Delavski dom Trbovlje
V.A.T Group: Špela Pavli, Maša Jazbec, Lili Bedekovič, Andrej Uduč, Andrej Grilj, Primož Zakrajšek, Katja Sovre, Marjan Korenjak, Robert Ahlin, Matic Kolar, Tanja Hanžič, David Čavar.

Artists, entangled within the social structure of degraded worker’s town, use articulated and at the same time poetic form of photography to speak up about themselves, their intimacy, relationship to the world, about the fears and hopes and expectations, about life. Zone Trbovlje deals with artifacts and the sediments of time which is irrevocably coming to an end. At the same time it shows the possible outlooks of the future. Different affinities of the artists together form a complex image of particular architectural and social structure of closed and sometimes self-sustaining community.

Social reality that determines us all, is itself determined by two basic relationships: material and ideological. Material relationships are determined by production relations in late capitalism (in the form of social basis) and ideological relationships as the upgrade of the former. They form as social ideas and institutions and are a reflection of these relationships. Contemporary photography of Trbovlje Zone reflects these two basic views on the post-industrial society. Material work which develops techniques and technologies is based on the production means which society reached on one side and the art as modification of social consciousness, interpreter and reproductor of social reality (relationships between people, between people and nature) on the other side. We live in a society of images which overwhelm and try to drown us. We become superficial; cannot see the forest for the trees. We move away from particularities toward the »big picture«. The old maxim of similarity is changed: we now judge the world against the images and not vice versa. The contemporary photographer poses himself in opposition to the society and uses the vast field of freedom now available even at the level of ideology. In his study he can move freely both vertically and horizontally between different traditions of styles, which he reinterprets and quotes without identifying with them. The only limitations of space – the unlimited universe – are in his head. (Zoran Poznič)