Nataša Košmerl – ‘September’

Nataša Košmerl, from the series: 'September', 2008

From October 22 until November 13, 2010

Fotogalerija Stolp Maribor

Natasa Košmerl’s September series works of art are like visual diary entries. They are denoted by intimacy, introspection and the questioning of the artist’s own identity. Poetic landscapes, melancholy interiors, scenes from family life and exposed fragments of love life all carry a profoundly personal intonation. The artist’s emotional involvement which is evident throughout her work enriches the captured moments with a certain special intensity.

Her photography paints a subtle portrait of the author herself, of her awareness of own individuality and questions her distance towards others.

The September series is a personal project which is a gradual reflection of the artist’s introspection over a period of time when she lived abroad and moved frequently. This was a period of change in the artist’s life which influenced and facilitated her personal and artistic growth. The artist used her photography as a means to gain insight into her own life and relationships. The series developed as a personal diary, as a subjective document of her life. Great attention was placed however into keeping the photography pure, modern and reflective of the artist’s current state of mind. This is a personal story that allows viewers to re-create it for themselves.

Katja Finec Kos