Antonio Živkovič – ‘Traces of the Past’


Antonio Živkovič, from the series Traces of the Past, 2009

from November 23 until December 7, 2010

Galerija Kud ateljeMIKADO Ljubljana

Ever since the 90’s, Antonio Živkovič has been becoming one of those photographers who form their own unique artistic style which sets them apart from other artists. His interest mostly lies in industrial stories formed in the past and presenting the basis for technical progress. This involves mostly architecture from the areas of heavy industry, which means the construction of such buildings was mostly practical. We can see an interesting visual meaning within many of these buildings, a meaning that becomes more apparent with the age of the architecture.
The artist is not interested as much in the architectural accomplishments – no matter what they are – but by their history, social dimensions and stories formed at these places which never run out. Several buildings the artist documented were in fact considered to be one of the more important centers of life in such towns, especially in industrial settlements where everything was subdued by the main economic activity. His older photographs were taken in Slovenia, while his new series was created in Austria. Antonio Živkovič maintains his style while supplementing it with individual traits that accentuate certain details within his photographs.

Boris Gorupič