series of Virginia Vrecl

Virginia Vrecl, Hisa ZTR1A. Maribor, 2011
Virginia Vrecl, Hisa ZTR1A. Maribor, 2011

Virginia Vrecl

Opening: 31 May at 7pm

NUK Cafe & Arhiteka, Ljubljana


In her exhibition entitled archiTEXTURES Virginia Vrecl presents a series of twenty architectural photographs that explore both the composition of architectural detail and its stripped-down visual effect. The artist documents sections of whole architectural compositions that tell a parallel story.

The images of parts of buildings or environments, as seen through her photographic lens, become images belonging to the field of formal aesthetics. Thus, the elements of archi-tectonics are translated into a refined visuality. Her architectural photographs lean towards “archistract art”, a term coined by John Kosmopoulos, for they seem to want to challenge and portray compositions by showcasing patterns, shapes, contrasts, geometries, the play of light and shadow, gradations, etc. that may appear hidden in the complex wholeness of architecture at first glance. This allows for a perception of architecture beyond its intentionality. As to the manner of their representation, the photographs hold a mirror up to architecture. At the same time, Vrecl’s photography depicts architecture in a specific way; it can significantly affect our overall understanding of the architecture itself.

Virginia Vrecl’s photographs are documents of time and place, which manage to capture fragments of something special, exceptional, inspiring or simply beautiful–the out of the ordinary. In this way, they point out the meaning, power, and relevance of architectural composition in contemporary spatial reality. This position of looking for the extraordinary within the ordinary exceeds the formal aesthetic discourse and leads us into the social sphere. Through her unique outlook, Vrecl shows us an alternative way of understanding everyday life. In doing so, she holds a mirror up to each and every observer as well.

(dr. Peter Šenk)

The exhibition is open until 30 June 2016.

Gallery hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00
Saturday: 8.00-14.00

Address: Turjaška ulica 1, Ljubljana