Barbara Jakše Jeršič & Stane Jeršič – Iz te snovi se tkejo sanje

23.10. – 06.11. 2008; Galerija

Jeršič’s aestheticised simulacrums take full advantage of the allegorical potential of the photographic medium, which is characterised by an implicit awareness of the ephemerality of all things and the strive to preserve these under the guise of archetypically conveying eternity. The gazes of the figures in these images do not search for contact with eyes of the spectator; they are introspectively turned towards their own world. No dialogue exists between them; they are turned into themselves. For this reason, the naked bodies are not erotic, but instead evoke a general, depersonalized and deindividualised existence complemented by other objects as a test of sensitive shyness (objects filled with the nostalgia of the past, textiles, flowers, mirrors). Impalpable veils and draperies spread out like cobwebs which both conceal and reveal, thus introducing the feeling of sublime unreality to the image. These stylized compositions photographed with great imagination, using unusual and difficult-to-determine recourses, cause discomfort in which the connotation is always both active and invisible, clear and implicit. The allegorical perception of Jeršič’s mental screens allows the transformation of the photographic naturalism into a surrealist ornamental Baroque. The transcendental weaving of space and time gives the photographs an aura (according to Benjamin) which has been almost entirely eradicted from art by avant-garde postmodernism and multimedia creative procedures.
Marko Košan