Castrumphoto 08 – Potajenost vid(e)nega

07.11. – 28.11. 2008; Pilonova galerija Ajdovščina

The theme of this year’s meeting was the revealing of nooks and cranies of Ajdovščina, which in their self-absorbed daily routine have become invisible to the natives. Since Castrumphoto is a photographic record of the life and pulse of this town, the photographers were invited to disclose the unseen and the hidden, from which the visibility was taken. These little miracles, which hide in the shadow of the bigger ones could emerge as renewed protagonists of the photographer’s and also the viewer’s story.

Primož Brecelj, Fabio Giacuzzo, Polona Ipavec, Jasna Klančišar, Roberto Kunsterle, Andrej Perko, Martin Prosen, Boštjan Pucelj, Karin Pudgar, Nika Zupančič.