Bohemians from Montparnasse

Jean Cocteau & Veno Pilon

Opening: 1 June at 8pm

Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana


The Bohemians from Montparnasse exhibition showcases photographic works of two significant artists from the early 20th century; the French writer, filmmaker and artist Jean Cocteau and Slovenian newcomer to Paris, painter and photographer Veno Pilon. Their photographic portraits offer an insight into the Paris scene at a period of time when Paris was still considered the indisputable centre of the art world.

Jean Cocteau & Veno Pilon

Sebastião Salgado: Genesis

Opening: 31 May at 8pm

Jakopič Gallery and City Museum, MGML, Ljubljana


The momentous exhibition Genesis, a project by world-renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado, is a result of a multi-year photography survey. It draws together 245 spectacular black-and-white photographs of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and indigenous peoples—raising public awareness about the pressing issues of environmental and climate change.

overview exhibition of the notorious photographer


Stane Jagodič, Gábor Kerekes, Branko Lenart

Opening: 2 June at 6pm

Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana


This exhibition pays homage to Gábor Kerekes, legendary Hungarian photo artists who passed away in 2014, and whose body of work still needs to be discovered by a broader European public. At the PhotoMagic exhibition his work will be complemented by a selection of works by two other internationally renowned photo artists, Stane Jagodič and Branko Lenart, whose approaches to photography have been similarly exploratory and experimental.

Stane Jagodič, Gábor Kerekes, Branko Lenart

Memory Lab: Photography Challenges History

Attila Floszmann, Noro Knap, Tatiana Lecomte, Marko Lipuš, Darije Petković

Opening: 7 June at 8pm

Kult3000 Gallery, Ljubljana


Memory Lab is a collective project of the European Month of Photography network focused on questioning memory and reflecting history through art. The project, which includes series of exhibitions and a publication, is displayed independently and differently in each member city. In Ljubljana the exhibition showcases works of five artists whose main focus is to explore the perception of recent and historical conflicts that still resonate in current public discourse.

Attila Floszmann, Noro Knap, Tatiana Lecomte, Marko Lipuš, Darije Petković


Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi & Noemi Veberič Levovnik

Opening: 4 June at 7pm

DLUL Gallery, Ljubljana


As part of the Inside Out feature, the joint exhibition entitled Doubles will display photography by Noemi Veberič Levovnik and Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi. Duality, the leitmotif of the exhibition, shapes the works of both artists on several different levels. Both artists deliberately choose to disregard the postulates of photography, each in her own signature style. They search for the extraordinariness of everyday moments using the language of vernacular photography as their artistic statement.

exhibition of authors Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi & Noemi Veberič Levovnik

The Other Home

Marina Paulenka

Opening: 2 June at 7pm

International Centre for Graphic Arts, Ljubljana


The solo exhibition of Marina Paulenka, last-year’s award-winner of Photonic Moments’ portfolio review, showcases her recent documentary-based project entitled The Other Home reflecting the crude reality of a female penitentiary in Požega, Croatia. This is the only female prison in Croatia where more than 130 inmates serve their sentences of six months or more. Adhering to strict prison legislation that stipulates prisoners cannot even be filmed or photographed anonymously, so as to protect their identity, the photographer focuses on the details revealing human presence and on traces of intimacy in the depersonalised institution.

Marina Paulenka, International Centre for Graphic Arts, Ljubljana


Matic Zorman

Opening: 3 June at 7pm

UAUU Gallery, Ljubljana

“And if I don’t succeed I will try again. And then again. I will try to reach freedom until I die.”

Matic Zorman‘s photographic exhibition of the Faces of War, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death and The Balkan Nights series takes us into a world of war, the journeys of refugees, of human dignity and hope. It is photography as the activity of an individual’s participation, confronting us directly with social action. Zorman’s photography expands the awareness of our reality with images we would rather avoid.

documentary series by Matic Zorman

Heroic Journey

Jaka Gasar

3 – 17 June 2016

ZRC Atrium, Ljubljana


Individual exhibition of Slovenian documentary photographer Jaka Gasar taking place at ZRC Atrium will showcase his recent works from 2015 when the photographer was covering and documenting so called refugee crisis in Slovenia.

documentary series by Jaka Gaser

In the Gallery

Tomaž Črnej

Opening: 1 June at 7pm

Janez Boljka Gallery, Ljubljana | Imago Sloveniae 


The cultural marginalisation of animals, as author John Berger defined modern man’s perception of animals throughout the 20th century, has relegated animals to the status of consumer goods, along with a range of other products of capitalism. The perception of animals that includes notions of coexistence and magical beliefs–which man once held in relation to animals–is an outmoded archaism. Today, animals are needed for food, for fun and as pets. At one end of the scale, in the meat processing industry, they are treated as any other product.

series of Tomaž Črnej

Berlin Bhf.

Anna Tihanyi

Opening: 2 June at 8pm

Balassi Institute, Ljubljana


The Berlin Bhf. series of photographs by the Lucie Award-winning Hungarian photographer and artist Anna Tihanyi was inspired by her first-hand experience of living and working in Berlin. The highly fictionalised and staged scenes take place in the interiors of various buildings in Berlin and in Budapest, focusing on the emotions and relationships between different protagonists going through moments of (personal) transition.

series of photographs by the Lucie Award-winning Hungarian photographer and artist Anna Tihanyi

The Power of Body

Almin Zrno

Opening: 25 May at 8pm

Small gallery, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


An acclaimed Sarajevo-based photographer, Almin Zrno’s Ljubljana exhibition will feature the classical motif of numerous photographers, namely, the proportional harmony and beauty of human body showing its full potential and expressiveness, be it in motion or motionless, dancing or practising sports. Zrno repeatedly succeeds in highlighting new details, new movement through the play of light. He discloses human musculature in the glow of his artistic rapture and inspiration, the lofty sentiments he conveys in the synesthetic atmosphere of the Eros of anatomy (life) as the antithesis of Thanatos.

Almin Zrno, the proportional harmony and beauty of human body showing its full potential and expressiveness


Virginia Vrecl

Opening: 31 May at 7pm

NUK Cafe & Arhiteka, Ljubljana


In her exhibition entitled archiTEXTURES Virginia Vrecl presents a series of twenty architectural photographs that explore both the composition of architectural detail and its stripped-down visual effect. The artist documents sections of whole architectural compositions that tell a parallel story.

New Old Compositions

Emina Djukić

Opening: 2 June at 1pm

Foyer I, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


New Old Compositions is a project by Emina Djukić exploring markers of the identity of a spac, mapping their changes in time. The photographer examines the relation of the contemporary towards the past (and vice versa) from the perspective of the transformation of a space of production into a space of consumption. In the process, she defies the fundamental postulates of photography, its restricted planarity and its (in)ability to condense duration.

series by Emina Djukić

Shoreditch Portraits

Mike Crawford

Opening: 15 June at 8pm

Kamera, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana


In 2011, what started as a 12-month project to photograph participants in the Slovenian Ministry of Culture’s Artist in Residence programme has resulted in a collection of photographs documenting more than four years of visiting Slovenian artists to London. Mike Crawford’s 52 portraits of artists–ranging from painters and poets, to fashion designers and film directors–have been photographed in an array of locations in and around the Shoreditch area, reflecting the diversity of this vibrant and historical part of East London.

series of Mike Crawford

Here & There – Places of Absence

Mirjana Rukavina

Opening: 16 June at 8pm

Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana


The Here & There – Places of Absence exhibition showcases two series of photographs by Mirjana Rukavina, an artist who lives and works in Vienna, whose focus of interest is to confront two seemingly completely different, at least at first glance, architectural structures.

Two series of photographs by Mirjana Rukavina


Jože Suhadolnik

Opening: 23 June at 7pm

Galerija Vžigalica, Ljubljana


The 35 exhibition brings together three and a half decades of photojournalist work by Jože Suhadolnik, a photographer who has made his mark on Slovenian media as well as the sphere of art photography. The selected photo stories feature diverse topics; some have held the artist’s attention throughout his career, whereas others are to be found in certain projects reflecting current developments.

photo essays by Jože Suhadolnik


Jaka Arbutina, Tomaž Bevk, Andraž Bilmez, Boštjan Božič, Tatjana Cankar, Simon Chang, Peter Fettich, Jernej Čuček Gerbec, Peter Gorenšek, Anže Grabeljšek, Nataša Ilec, Davor Kralj, Primož Lukežič, David Mencinger, Bojan Mijatovič, Tilyen Mucik, Nik Neubauer, Matic Pandel, Borut Peterlin, Urša Premik, Peter Rauch, Lucija Rosc, Bojan Salaj, Bojan Šibenik, Marko Trebušak

Opening: 2 June at 9pm

Public underground shelter, Slovene Reformation Park, Ljubljana

What is the potential of photography today, when mobile phones can take more technically advanced photographs than digital cameras once did? Ever since the emergence of Kodak and its slogan “You Press the Button, We do the Rest”, this has been an increasingly common question. Perhaps each generation is asking its own questions, expanding the limits of the language of photography in its own way. And not just each generation, the same applies to each creative environment also. The artists exhibited at ISO0 were selected because they have an existing relationship with the Department of Photography of the Higher School of Applied Sciences (VIST), Ljubljana, and are making work that prompts a reflection upon the different faces of photographic creativity today. In some instances, this creativity stretches to a point where the audience may rightfully begin to question whether it is still photography at all.

exhibition of authors connected by Department of Photography of the Higher School of Applied Sciences


Mirjam Čančer, Andrej Lamut, Katra Petriček, Jon Žagar

Opening: 31 May at 8.30pm

Mikado Atelier-Gallery, Ljubljana


(Un)known, an exhibition by Mirjam Čančer, Andrej Lamut, Katra Petriček and Jon Žagar, represents a phase of emancipation from photography studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana. The exhibition per se questions the past and builds a new autonomous future for the already acknowledged young artists.

Mirjam Čančer, Andrej Lamut, Katra Petriček, Jon Žagar


Opening: 2 June at 4pm

(former) ARS Gallery, Ljubljana


Tradition is an exhibition examining the local region’s preserved fragments of the past; a topic the medium of photography (dealing with the here and now) seems much less familiar. By juxtaposing two nations, Slovenian and Czech, the exhibition seeks out possible intersections of (Slavic) folk traditions. Photography students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, and the Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Tomas Bata University in Zlin explored the same topic, in two separate processes. The exhibition showcases a selection of the most varied readings.

student exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Tomas Bata University in Zlin

Relay Race of Youth

Olja Triaška Stefanović

Opening: 8 June at 9pm

Cultural Centre, Kamnik


In her project Relay Race of Youth the photographer Olja Triaška Stefanović focuses on an annual relay race, a celebration of youth and coherence of all ethnic groups. It is a story of one large country and its end.


Jana Nakrst Dragaš, Blaž Janežič, Katja Jeras, Dušan Letnar, Simon Podgoršek, Aleš Senožetnik

Opening: 8 June at 8pm

Small Castle, Kamnik / Kamnik Photoclub


Imagine a nice family lunch. Everything is nice and homey, save for a thing or two, which is always there to spice up the occasion: That awkward moment that disturbs the homely atmosphere, subverting it, turning it upside down, preventing it from existing on its own. What makes the full measure of homely impossible in one’s home itself? That is is what Kamči is in Kamnik: The second location of one’s home–its setting.

project by members of Photo club Kamnik

Trees of Kamnik

Janez Glavač, Blaž Janežič, Katja Jeras, Aleš Koželj, Dušan Letnar, Jana Nakrst Dragaš, Robert Novak, Gašper Plevel, Simon Podgoršek, Mateja Ravnikar, Aleš Senožetnik, Lučka Vavpetič

Opening: 8 June at 7pm

Main Square, Kamnik


Trees of Kamnik is a documentary photography project by a group of authors aiming to create objective portrayals of trees growing in their local environment. For the tenth consecutive year, members of the Kamnik Photography Club put on an outdoor exhibition, known as The Eye of Kamnik, in the town centre. Their decision to have a collective concept in this edition inevitably resulted in the relegation of individuals as authors.

Collective project of Photo club Kamnik Photography Club

Janez Bogataj and the photo-books of Steidl

Start: 30 May

Konzorcij Bookshop, Ljubljana

The exhibition of photo-books published by one of the most significant and influential publishers of photographic books, Steidl, and the exhibition of photographer Janez Bogataj.

at Konzorcij

Nova F 2016

Eva Šuštar, Maja Modrinjak, Đejmi Hadrović

Opening: 1 June at 7pm

Stolp Photo Gallery, Maribor


In 2016, Nova F (New Slovenian Photography) presents three, younger generation artists–Eva Šuštar, Maja Modrinjak and Đejmi Hadrović–proposing original premises for the treatment of a complex and manifold issue: the world of women. What they offer is a realistic and rather objective form of communication representing photography’s heterogeneous ability to become either a document of a time, or an experimental concept, or a medium to convey a certain message.

three younger generation artists

Eastern Glimpses

Saša Huzjak, Sandra Požun, Gregor Radonjič, Matija Brumen, Dejan Bulut, Rene Strgar

Opening: 10 June at 8pm

Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor


Eastern Glimpses is an exhibition showcasing the young, creative, local forces in the field of auteur photography from eastern parts of Slovenia. Often overlooked in the country’s cultural landscape, photographers from the Štajerska region have been systematically brought to attention over the last two years through the concept of Foto karma: a modern, interactive, mobile digital gallery. Foto karma enables photographers to maintain a basic online presence, continuously sharing and developing a collective photographic narrative in the city of Maribor and its surroundings. Occasionally, Foto kamra reaches beyond the realms of the digital, manifesting itself as a pop-up gallery displaying a curated selection of works. Eastern Glimpses is latest incarnation of what the gallery has to offer.

young authors from eastern parts of Slovenia