A Balkan Tale

5 photographers, 50 monuments, 1 Balkan tale

Uta Benzenberg, Ivan Blažev, Samir Karahodzha, Camilo Nollas, Ivan Petrović

Opening: 30 May at 8 pm

30 May – 30 June 2014

Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana

WHERE: Metelkova ulica 2, Ljubljana

A Balkan Tale project deals with the Ottoman cultural heritage in the Balkans. The resulting group show aims to stimulate public discourse about the history of this area, to promote a sense of common history based on religious and ethnic co-existence, and to contribute to public access to and the preservation of its cultural heritage.


Uta Benzenberg, Ivan Blažev, Samir Karahodzha, Camilo Nolas, Ivan Petrović 29. 5. – 30. 6. 2014 – SEM, Ljubljana


Exhibition by Photography Students at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design, University of Ljubljana

Opening: 6 June at 10.15 pm

6-30 June 2014

Academy of Fine Arts & Design, Ljubljana

WHERE: Dolenjska cesta 83, Ljubljana

Controversy has accompanied the photographic medium from the very beginning. Its reckless use, or even misuse, raises doubts over authenticity and with its easy multiplicity of creation, an artist’s nonchalance and stylistic indetermination is questioned.



Selection of student work of the Department of Photography, VIST (Higher School of Applied Sciences)

Opening: 4 June at 8.30 pm

4-25 June 2014

Zorye Gallery, Rog Factory, Ljubljana

WHERE: Trubareva 72, Ljubljana

As long as there exists an awareness that on the one hand the world is solid and full of truths that we can spread with careful recording, photography serves the purpose of communicating the images of the world in the service of phantasms.



MUTATIONS II: Moving Stills

8 June – 27 June 2012

Opening & discussion: Friday, 8 June at 7 pm

Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography Ljubljana

Peter Aerschmann / Christoph Brech / Elina Brotherus / Ori Gersht / Tuomo Rainio / Jutta Strohmaier

Mutations II aims to question the principles of video by exploring the productive relationships that have developed between fixed and moving images and providing a sense of where contemporary art stands in Europe today.


8 June – 27 July 2012.

ADI SHALMON: Holylandscape

2 June – 1 July 2012

Dom Kulture Gallery, Kamnik

The myth of the “holylandscape” has been shaped over time by historical truth and ever-changing interpretations. Jerusalem is composed of multiple layers: layers of history, faiths and beliefs, of rulers and subjects and of social complexity. All have left their imprint on the landscape. It is a landscape that has been scarred by centuries of power struggles, and inscribed by the testimony of its inhabitants who discovered in it the roots and wellsprings of their faith.

2 June – 1 July 2012