Thibault Brunet, Jasmina Cibic, Cedric Delsaux, diSTRUKTURA, Andrej Osterman, Olja Triaška Stefanović

5 June – 30 June 2014

International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

WHERE: Pod turnom 3, Ljubljana

The distURBANces project, cooperatively initiated by the partner cities Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Paris and Vienna, presents artistic positions that offer new perspectives on urban, technological and political developments.


Thibault Brunet, Jasmina Cibic, Cedric Delsaux, diSTRUKTURA, Andrej Osterman, Olja Triaška Stefanović 5. 6.–30. 6. 2014 – MGLC Ljubljana


Uroš Abram, Antea Arizanović, Simon Chang

Opening: 3 June at 7 pm

3–30 June 2014

Gallery of Ljubljana Fine Artists Society

WHERE: Breg 22, Ljubljana

The exhibition Inside-Out displays works by three local visual artists, all members of the Ljubljana Fine Artists Society, who use photography as their principal means of expression. In their work they rethink the border between public and private within an information era of a society transitioning into an extremely extroverted phase.

Fotomorgana 3

Uroš Acman, Maja Alibegović, Matija Brumen, Jasna Jernejšek, Mirta Kokalj, Boštjan Pucelj, Jernej Skrt, Špela Škulj, Tanja Verlak, Špela Volčič

Opening: 5 June at 8 pm

5 – 22 June 2014

Kamera, Kino Šiška Ljubljana

WHERE: Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, Ljubljana

The exhibition Fotomorgana 3 includes works by ten younger generation artists whose principal means of expression is photography. Each will present a small series of photographs that form an individual conceptual project.


Two Places

Blaž Janežič, Rudi Kotnik (in cooperation with Zvonka T. Simčič), Dušan Letnar, Jana Nakrst, Robert Novak, Simon Podgoršek, Aleš Senožetnik

Opening: 11 June at 8 pm

11–30 June 2014

Gallery of Kamnik Cultural Centre, Kamnik

WHERE: Fužine 10, Kamnik

We brought to the collective space of the club everything we are currently interested in and find suitable to be addressed collectively. The first question turns out to be the crucial one: what is the common denominator? What will we dissect the ‘flesh’ with? And the answer is not the title of the workshop or even the project topic.



GRUPA JUNIJ: Junij in June

Selection of Photographs from International Art Collection Junij

5 June – 8 July 2012

Opening: Tuesday, 5 June at 7 pm

Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

Overview exhibition of Grupa Junij (1970 – 1985) is first comprehensive presentation of this heterogeneous and loose international artistic movement after receiving award at Paris’ Mois de la photo in 1988. Archival project will focus only on photographic and related practices within its rich legacy.

Junij in June: 5 June – 8 July 2012


7 June – 27 July 2012

Opening: Thursday, 7 June at 8 pm

Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Women of Power presents portraits of Polish witches, healers, enchanters, visionaries and spiritual leaders who are a counter to the seeming homogeneity and Catholic mainstream. Only a few traditional healers (‘whisperers’ who mix religion and primeval superstitions to heal and remove spells using prayers) survived on the Belarusian border. Others try to revive a dead tradition – from grandmothers who could ‘see’ or were herb healers. Some others say the knowledge survived in the subconscious but there is a need to learn from outer traditions (North America, Peru, or New Zealand). They mix the knowledge with local old Slavs ceremonials or demonology.

7 June – 27 July 2012

NOVA F: Tendencies in Slovenian Photography

The World Outside

16 May – 21 July 2012

Photogallery Stolp Maribor

Tanja Verlak / Matjaž Wenzel / Peter Koštrun

Nova F presents a concise overview on contemporary photography in Slovenia. Through a selection of artists and artist groups with different approaches to the medium, three thematic set-ups will be carried out. The second exhibition The World Outside accentuates on documenting the outer world and intimate perception of reality.

16 May – 21 July 2012

VASA Project: 23

6 June – 30 June 2012

Galerija Maribor

Ada Hamza / Andraž Jenkole / Borut Sluga / Ciril Jazbec / Darko Šemen / Darko Sintič / Goljat Katja / Andraž Gregorič / Ivica Čendak / Kaja Božič / Katarina Kokalj / Katra Petriček / Klemen Ilovar / Luka Dakskobler / Matevž Kosterov / Matija Medved / Matjaž Rušt / Nika Furlan / Nina Rojc / Peter Mrhar / Špela Škulj / Taja Polovšak / Vladimir Mićković

The exhibition 23 displays the work of 23 Slovenian photographers each demonstrating different styles and approaches to personal image making. The images were selected for their diversity and idiosyncratic nature. The exhibition is a joint venture between Galerija (Slovenia) and VASA (world).


6 June – 30 June 2012