Opening: 30 May at 6 pm

30 May – 20 July 2014

Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana

WHERE: Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana

The Austrian artists collective G.R.A.M. was founded in 1987 by Günther Holler-Schuster, Ronald Walter, Armin Ranner and Martin Behr. The ‘band’ has been working for the past 10 years as a duo (Holler-Schuster & Behr) in various fields of artmaking: photography, film, video, performance and painting.


Reenactmedia 30. 5. – 20. 7. 2014 – Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana

Bojan Salaj


Opening: 28 May at 7 pm

28 May – 30 June 2014

National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana

WHERE: Prešernova 24, Ljubljana

In 1991, Slovenia became an independent and sovereign state and through new associations and integration established itself within the international community. The principal motif of the exhibition and event Interiors-Correspondences, is the ambivalent relation between an individual and their inner intimate space and the physical architectural space of some institutions essential to both state and society.

Dik Bouwhuis

Tourist Landscapes: A Walk Along the Mediterranean Sea

Opening: 3 June at 8 pm

3-28 June 2014

LP bar / ZRC Atrium, Ljubljana

WHERE: Novi trg 2, Ljubljana

With the Bechers as its most exemplary representatives, the last quarter of the 20th century showed us a conceptual photographic practice in which objectivity was understood as reality and truth. Over a course of time, influenced by the ideas of the German philosopher Hans Georg Gadamer (Truth and Method), it became clear to me that there is a discrepancy between this understanding of objectivity and the methodical pursuit of it.


Darije Petković

Ghosts of the Past

Opening: 2 June at 7.30 pm

2–29 June 2014

City Hall, Ljubljana

WHERE: Mestni trg 1, Ljubljana

What can photographs tell us, that words cannot? Petković Ghosts of the Past belong to the tradition of narrative photography. Together, they form a reportage on the gathering of people at ideological meetings in Bleiburg, Kumrovac, Ravna Gora. Ustašas, Partisans, Chetniks alike respond to five questions: who, when, where, what and why?


Matjaž Rušt


Opening: 4 June at 7 pm

4–14 June 2014

Bikofe, Ljubljana

WHERE: Židovska steza 2, Ljubljana

In 1941, the writer James Agee considered the camera to be “the central instrument of our time”. Today, this role has been taken over by mobile phones which have become almost indispensable to everyone. These devices have integrated so deeply into an individual’s everyday life (as well as thoroughly transformed it) as to become an inseparable part of their everyday experience. #ljubljana series by Matjaž Rušt comprises photographs taken with a smart phone to create an extensive collage of Ljubljana’s urban landscape.


Nina Đurđević

The Space In-between & Objective

Opening: 28 May at 8 pm

28 May – 30 June 2014

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

WHERE: Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana

A self-portrait can be defined as the literal or figurative projection of the self into the picture. Considering Nina Đurđević’s work over the years, the self-portrait is, according to this definition, a recurring theme. Taking the author’s intention into account, The Space Between and Objective, two seemingly, entirely different photographic series can both be defined as self-portraiture.


Zdzislaw Pacholski

Requisites Attributes

Opening: 6 June at 7 pm

6–30 June 2014

ZVKDS, SVC-Gallery, Ljubljana

WHERE: Trg francoske revolucije 3, Ljubljana

Zdzislaw Pacholski’s photographs titled Requisites Attributes mostly date back to the 1980s and therefore it is easy to suggest that, given the background and context of Poland’s martial law period and the ongoing façade of normalization in the years leading up to Poland’s breakthrough year of 1989, they can be called photo-comments.


Vangelis Georgas

Tears and Parades

Opening: 6 June at 6 pm

6– 30 June 2014

Studio-atelier Mikado, Ljubljana

WHERE: Slovenska cesta 6, Ljubljana

The exhibition of Greek photographer Vangelis Georgas, Tears and Parades, is the prize awarded for the best portfolio in frames of the first Photonic Moments Portfolio Review, held in Ljubljana in 2012. The project deals with the aftermath of the economic crisis and its socio-economic and political consequences in Athens, Greece.


Patricija Stepanović


Opening: 10 June at 8 pm

10–27 June 2014

Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana

WHERE: Masarykova 24, Ljubljana

The photographs of Patricija Stepanović, showing the everyday life as a vast and unamiable space of claustrophobic timelessness, indicate the longing for a simultaneous existence in two different worlds, and the inevitable slip into the interzone, where the socially acceptable laws of the daily logical conclusion retract to another perspective. On the contrary, however, it is mistakes that bear a creative potential and represent more an indication of individual activity than a mere defect in the system.


Synergy of Sarajevo

Expressing European identity through the eyes of the Sarajevo people

Opening: 30 May at 8.30 pm

30 May – 30 June 2014
Kavarna SEM, Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana

17 June – 15 August 2014
Kosovelov dom, Sežana

Synergy of Sarajevo – Expressing European identity through the eyes of the Sarajevo people is a collective artwork created across different locations in Sarajevo between 2012 and 2014 in frames of the International Festival Sarajevo Winter.


Katja Goljat & Andrej Firm

Living Walls

Opening & performance: 3 June at 7.30 pm

3–30 June 2014

Prostor Gallery, Ljubljana

WHERE: Soteska 8, Ljubljana

Living Walls is the title of a performance-triptych of photographs developed by Katja Goljat & Andrej Firm created directly on the gallery wall. The artists transform the gallery space into a darkroom and their photographic triptych will be completed during the opening photographic performance, when the audience will be able to witness the creation of the last photograph – live.


Dušan Šarotar


Opening: 2 June at 7 pm

2–20 June 2014

Trubar Literature House, Ljubljana

WHERE: Stritarjeva ulica 7, Ljubljana

Accordingly we would be ineptly equipped to understand the ‘souls’ of Šarotar’s photographs without the epic meaning brought to us by his writing. Just as someone looking for inspiration in religion and the strength and confirmation of their own faith through reading holy texts, the Torah, the Bible, the apocrypha, so it is far easier and more meaningful to approach Dušan’s souls by drawing from his written work.


Nika Rupnik


Opening: 5 June at 8 pm

5-30 June 2014

Kiosk, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

WHERE: Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, Ljubljana

Kiosk completes this year’s cycle of young generation artists presenting their latest works. In her site-specific installations, the academic painter Nika Rupnik explores the cross-sections and embededness of photography in a totality of space invaded by multi-media. She reveals – through the structures of order, trash and drawing – the grace and aesthetics of in/completeness.



KAVDIJ SLUBAN: Transsibériades

20 June – 31 July 2012

Vžigalica Gallery / MGML

After a few years, the French photographer of Slovenian origin will be presented again in Ljubljana in a two-part survey exhibition displaying his extensive cycle East to East. The works were produced on his journeys on the Trans-Siberian railway and on the Baltic Sea coasts. Always analogue, Sluban’s photographs are the results of his long travels to the distant corners of the world. In difficult light conditions characteristic of his works, the analogue technique allows him specific results, such as pronounced haptics and explicit melancholy.


20 June – 31 July 2012


6 June – 29 June 2012

Opening: Wednesday, 6 June at 8 pm

KUD atelje Mikado Ljubljana

As seen in retrospect, Ferenz Schmidt‘s photographs are valuable documents of the atmosphere in postwar Munich and Germany. His photographs reveal him as a sophisticated observer of daily life, who had an exceptional gift to catch the right moment with a great sense for composition of a painter. Staged or “manufactured” photography did not concern him. Schmidt’s photographs may be compared to Zen or poetry, where the moment of expression can be only precise after long and good preparation. Ferenz Schmidt understood and used the technology of photography for his expression.


6 June – 29 June 2012

PETER RAUCH: Objects and the Event

11 June – 23 June 2012

Opening & performance: Monday, 11 June at 6 pm

Nova galerija, Delavski dom Trbovlje

Peter Rauch’s photography contains “something” that – as an unpleasant gift of sorts – creeps into the viewer who complies with the wish of the image. This “something” can be revealed precisely because the images, searched for and selected by the photographer, represent the familiar, the unattractive or the banal, while at the same time they are not undemanding. They state nothing but what they are. This clarity makes it possible for latency to gradually disappear and give way to an unpleasant sense of foreboding during observation. While looking at these images, we are gradually inhabited by unease.

11 June – 23 June 2012


5 June – 25 June 2012

KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana

Arrows by Gregor Radonjič is an exhibition in which arrows are presented as a motif in different situations and contexts. An arrow in modern urban or natural landscapes is an archaic symbol. Placing the arrow motif in such a context brings new connotations, with multi-layered meanings that go way beyond a purely documentary vision. With a few exceptions, the locations of the arrows are not clear. They challenge the spectator with their hidden meanings.


5 June – 25 June 2012

ŠYMON KLIMAN: Moda v akciji

8 June – 11 July 2012

Opening: Friday, 8 June at 8 pm

Galerija Dimenzija napredka Solkan

Šymon Kliman’s Fashion in Action series represents the overlap between reality and fiction and links the principles of both fashion and documentary photography. The real world with real people, real streets and places but with unreal characters of fashion models within these spaces. This work is closely connected to his Women in the Household series, inspired by ordinary women working in their homes.

ŠYMON KLIMAN: Fashion in Action 8 June – 11 July 2012


6 June – 31 July 2012

Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

Central to the Porto Vecchio photographic installation are large photographic images of one of the now demolished port facilities in Trieste.
Annibel Cunoldi Attems took the picture in 2002 and in 2011, the photograph was printed in both positive and negative forms on plexiglass. The negative image bears words by the Trieste writer Claudio Magris, testifying to the artist’s sensitivity to places, to her allowing for the coexistence of both the past and the future as well as a cross mixing of cultures. Because these photographs are hung away from the walls, the transparent images create a play of light, with reflections and traces of shadows upon the wall’s surface.


6 June – 31 July 2012

EDI ŠELHAUS: First Slovenian Song Contests

1 June – 17 June 2012

ZRC SAZU Atrium Ljubljana

The photographic exhibition, The First Slovene Popular Song Festivals by Edi Šelhaus, is a selection of the exhibition, The World of Music of the 60’s – on the 90th Anniversary of the Photojournalist Edi Šelhaus, opened on 13 August 2009 at Ljubljana Castle (in 2009/2010 on view also at Bled Festival Hall and at the Slovenian Radio and Television hall, the Oton Župančič Library and the National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia in Ljubljana) and was prepared by the National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia (author Jožica Šparovec) to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Edi Šelhaus, one of the legends of Slovene war and post-war photo journalism.

1 June – 17 June 2012


Marko Jamnik and Boštjan Perovšek – ‘Projection of the City’


From October 20 until November 14, 2010

Galerija Vžigalica (MGML) Ljubljana

The Projection of the City exhibition is conceived as research into the life of a metropolis, as  a large ‘organism’ whose image is defined both by structure as well as the anomalies which disrupt its structure, and at the same time establish the grounds for an even more solid construction, thus allowing such a monumental formation to function. Photography, as a static image of a city is enlivened and animated by the soundscape of the city, which encourages the motion of a photographic motif. A stable symmetrical frozen image surrenders to the vivacious intrusions of random intervention, and follows the city’s arbitrary auditory composition that forms its signature.


Nataša Košmerl – ‘September’

From October 22 until November 13, 2010

Fotogalerija Stolp Maribor

Natasa Košmerl’s September series works of art are like visual diary entries. They are denoted by intimacy, introspection and the questioning of the artist’s own identity. Poetic landscapes, melancholy interiors, scenes from family life and exposed fragments of love life all carry a profoundly personal intonation. The artist’s emotional involvement which is evident throughout her work enriches the captured moments with a certain special intensity.

Her photography paints a subtle portrait of the author herself, of her awareness of own individuality and questions her distance towards others.


V.A.T Group – ‘Zone Trbovlje’


From November 2 until November 20, 2010
Delavski dom Trbovlje
V.A.T Group: Špela Pavli, Maša Jazbec, Lili Bedekovič, Andrej Uduč, Andrej Grilj, Primož Zakrajšek, Katja Sovre, Marjan Korenjak, Robert Ahlin, Matic Kolar, Tanja Hanžič, David Čavar.

Artists, entangled within the social structure of degraded worker’s town, use articulated and at the same time poetic form of photography to speak up about themselves, their intimacy, relationship to the world, about the fears and hopes and expectations, about life. Zone Trbovlje deals with artifacts and the sediments of time which is irrevocably coming to an end. At the same time it shows the possible outlooks of the future. Different affinities of the artists together form a complex image of particular architectural and social structure of closed and sometimes self-sustaining community.


Marko Modic – ‘Abstrakta’

from October 26 until November 16, 2010
Galerija Kud ateljeMIKADO

Marko Modic is known for his photography that strives to penetrate reality and matter to show the viewing audience a new world, a world that is, yet isn’t, pure artistic abstraction.
Modic started exhibiting his work in the ...

Branko Lenart – ‘Body.Language 1971 – 2010′


from November 5, 2010 until January 5, 2011

Galerija Dom KULTure Ptuj

Back in the 19th century, the photographic eye became dedicated to the naked – predominantly female – form. With a refined focus on body language, Branko Lenart additionally extends the classical and popular motif of the nude. Rather than ousting or even losing nudity, his approach points out poises, gestures and touches, whilst the pre-eminence of a human body vindicates its place in the immensity of the natural milieu. Past and present, artificial and natural, form the horizon of projection to meet a motif which, in this particular case, is not confined to the lustful eye.