Josef Koudelka

Vestiges 1991-2012

20 May – 3 September 2014

Jakopič Gallery, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

WHERE: Slovenska cesta 9, Ljubljana

Josef Koudelka is one of the world’s most acknowledged masters of photography, a member of the Magnum agency and the winner of prestigious photography awards, who has to date shown his work in major centres of photography and contemporary art around the world.


Janez Puhar (1814-1864)

A documentary exhibition marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of the first Slovenian photographer and photographic inventor

Opening: 4 June at 7.30 pm

4-28 June 2014

ZRC Atrium, Ljubljana

WHERE: Novi trg 2, Ljubljana

Janez Puhar was born on 26 August 1814 in Kranj. He attended Normalschule in Kranj and grammar school in Ljubljana, where he later studied theology. In 1838 he became a parish assistant. He served as a chaplain in various places. He died in Kranj on 7 August 1864. Janez Puhar probably first encountered the daguerreotype back in 1839. He mastered the daguerreotype process the following year. But his daguerreotypes have not survived. While serving in Metlika he undertook the first independent attempts involving glass plates. The daguerreotype (a unique image on a silver-plated metal plate) was a demanding and expensive photographic technique. So Puhar invented a more affordable and simpler way of taking photographs with the help of glass plates treated with sulphur vapours. He continued with his experiments in Ljubno in the Gorenjska region and in Bled.

Light as Colour

Coloured and Colour Photography in Slovenia from Its Origins until 1945

17 April – 17 August 2014

Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

WHERE: Pot na Fužine 2, Ljubljana

The exhibition offers the first review of coloured and colour photographic production on Slovenian soil from its origins in mid-19th century until 1945. At first it concerns various types of colouring, toning and monochromatic techniques, whereas in early 20th century the first genuine colour images appear, i.e. transparencies made with a standardised additive process called Autochrome plate. After 1907 this process was employed by the academic painter and puppeteer Milan Klemenčič, the pharmacist from Ljubljana Gabrijel Piccoli and the first lady of Slovenian colour photography, the amateur photographer Jela Repič. It is documented that this process was also used by the known pioneer of Slovenian film Karol Grossmann. These photographers mostly photographed family members and were devoted to a realistic portrayal. Milan Klemenčič was the only one who deviated from this by searching for colourfulness, typical of Post-Impressionist paintings, in his flower arrangements.



MAGNUM’S FIRST: The Face of Time

29 May – 2 September 2012

Opening: Tuesday, 29 May at 7 pm

Jakopič Gallery / MGML, Ljubljana

Robert Capa / Marc Riboud / Werner Bischof / Henri Cartier-Bresson / Ernst Haas / Erich Lessing / Jean Marquis / Inge Morath

This year’s festival will be officially opened with the Magnum’s First: The Face of Time exhibition, comprehensive group presentation of early works made by members of iconic photo agency Magnum. Magnum’s First is rediscovery and reconstruction of first group exhibition from 1955 which was for years considered as lost. Central theme of the exhibition is connected to the question of »photographic humanism« according which documented people without any sensationalism in their own environments.

Magnum’s first exhibition rediscovered 29 May – 2 September 2012

MARIO GIACOMELLI: From Luigi Crocenzi’s Archive

6 June – 1 July 2012

Opening: Wednesday, 6 June at 7 pm

MGLC Ljubljana

The exhibition puts on display the selection of the most representative works made by prominent Italian photographer Mario Giacomelli. In 1995, C.R.A.F. acquired the Luigi Crocenzi’s archives consisting of very important letters, books, and photographs that Crocenzi collected during all his life. Among the photographs there are more than 250 vintages realized by Mario Giacomelli from the 1950s till the end of the 1970s. Giacomelli’s discourse became symbolic when his photographs exasperate the emotive aspect of the reality.

6 June – 1 July 2012

ERVIN DEBEUC: Composition of Photo-Image

30 May – 24 June 2012

Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

Solo exhibition of Rijeka based photographer Ervin Debeuc is focusing on his most fruitful artistic period between 1955 and 1962 when he was completely devoted to documenting ordinary life on the streets of his hometown. In 2010 Debeuc donated seventy photographs from that period to the City Museum in Rijeka. At that time he was a young photographer devoted to marginal motifs marked by formal and technical elaboration to depict spirit of certain time and place.

30 May – 25 June 2012