DK – Prehajanja k sodobnim skrbem

17.11. – 07.12. 2008; Mestna galerija Ljubljana

The exhibition »Passages to Modern Concerns« of the author, who signs his work with his initials DK, has a retrospective character, but at the same time gives insight into the author’s newer photographic production. »His photography – while it is completely irrelevant which chosen work or motif content we are talking about – definitely expresses a special auratic dimension; a dimension, which is characteristic only of (that) author of a photography, which is created by a special, elaborate creation attitude towards the chosen motif.« Regardless of the fact that DK creates »… with an abundance of approaches, which express the potential of photographic image as a form and social content…« (Marina Gržinić), his creations »always enable the feeling of that special continuity of expression, which sets him apart from his contemporaries. His whole opus therefore follows that form of expression, in which the author’s interest for introducing individual and collective identities at the same time can be clearly perceived. In his media concentration, DK especially takes control of his series »Lice« (Face), which with his characteristic upper cut and the contrast of (again accented black) light reveals or flows over one side of the portrayed face. »These faces are contemporary pirates« (Marina Gržinić). With this series, DK reaches a new depth of character, a fossilized stiffness and reserve, which reaches into the area of the uncomfortable aesthetics. »In the process of exchanging the onlook between spectators, the portrayed faces and us, there is always the feeling of some kind of blindness. «