documentary series by Matic Zorman

documentary series by Matic Zorman


documentary series by Matic Zorman

Matic Zorman, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, 2014
Matic Zorman, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, 2014

Matic Zorman

Opening: 3 June at 7pm

UAUU Gallery, Ljubljana

“And if I don’t succeed I will try again. And then again. I will try to reach freedom until I die.”

Matic Zorman‘s photographic exhibition of the Faces of War, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death and The Balkan Nights series takes us into a world of war, the journeys of refugees, of human dignity and hope. It is photography as the activity of an individual’s participation, confronting us directly with social action. Zorman’s photography expands the awareness of our reality with images we would rather avoid.

The strong emotions that surface when confronted with images of ravaged towns, people in pain, survivors helplessly chained up and stripped of their dignity wakes us from our stupor, like a flash stronger than the drug of self-delusion which lulls us into the comfort of the elite consumerism culture. We sip without asking, we keep taking more and more wherever we can. The photographer stems from the incomprehension, this nonsense of stupefying the masses, how unreasonable it is that the ‘holy’ part of the world looks away when it should be looking inside, into the human. Zorman’s work tries to change the relationship an individual feels with the world around him or her, using photography to penetrate the ignorance and greed and illuminating the world in its integrity. Perhaps this is a cheap way of becoming known as a party pooper and making a name for oneself at least in the present, if not in the future. But as long as this is the only way, one way or another doomed to remain the same, and all our efforts are merely a utopia reminiscent of using a spoon to decant an ocean, each attempt is impressive and each doubt or hesitation is the ugliness within us. The enviable faith of the unbending, how to move more than just the heart with an image – how to get the body from the escalator to ‘paradise’ to start walking and feel the path beneath it, how to reach beyond the computer keys and help a fellow human being. The photographs appear as a poetry of images in order for the reflective image of culture, which has taken on the shape of war, violence and mistreatment, to reach us in a form with which we are familiar. The aesthetics that is in service to the people may behave in the same way as the one in advertisements, but here it acquires the new name of dignity. May the stories of people who strive for hope as much as we do, regardless of where its value lies, help make the world a better place and may this intolerance of the truth unite us in beauty.

(Špela Tušar)

The exhibition is open until 24 June 2016.

Gallery hours:
Monday-Saturday: 12.00-20.00

Address: Gosposvetska 7, Ljubljana