Marko Jamnik and Boštjan Perovšek – ‘Projection of the City’

Marko Jamnik, 'Cukr', from the series 'Supersymmetries', 2008


From October 20 until November 14, 2010

Galerija Vžigalica (MGML) Ljubljana

The Projection of the City exhibition is conceived as research into the life of a metropolis, as  a large ‘organism’ whose image is defined both by structure as well as the anomalies which disrupt its structure, and at the same time establish the grounds for an even more solid construction, thus allowing such a monumental formation to function. Photography, as a static image of a city is enlivened and animated by the soundscape of the city, which encourages the motion of a photographic motif. A stable symmetrical frozen image surrenders to the vivacious intrusions of random intervention, and follows the city’s arbitrary auditory composition that forms its signature.

The sound of the city intensifies its own identity. The disordered structure of the metropolis inspired a series of photographs which through the technique of multiplication, overturning and reflection of architectural motifs, replicates the multi-layered image and restless soul of the city. Basically, the reflection is in full symmetry; thence, through the intrusion of various anomalies, it develops more complicated forms and – in some motifs – a near de-structured anarchic composition. The photos are integrated into a collective audiovisual puzzle which is composed of images and sounds generated by the city. Considered by most to be hubbub, the urban soundscape is essentially the music played by the city. Due to the fact that each urban hub emits its unique and characteristic reverberation, noise may be regarded as a distinctive feature of a city. Alive and in motion, the urban soundscape animates the static photographic motif. A stable symmetrical frozen image thus surrenders to the vivacious accompaniment and random intrusions of the of the city’s signature composition.

The city, as an urban formation, also appears as a common thread in the second part of the project. In the stop-motion animation, a short series of photos are joined together to create a short animation played in a dynamic loop of infinite length. When, moment by moment, the city evolves and moves forward along the temporal line, it simultaneously moves backwards, spinning in a circle and repeating the already observed patterns. It is the tiny elements perceived by an individual as an anomaly which provide progress and evolution in the long-term. The noise of the city is on a par with the visual image, and, like music, accompanies the repetitive motifs of the urban story. Marko Jamnik’s selected photographs from the series Supersimetrije were awarded on prestigious photography contest IPA 2008 (International Photography Awards) in Los Angeles and PX3 2009 contest (Prix De La Photographie Paris) in Paris. For the actual exhibition project is broaden into multimedia installation in collaboration with sound artist Boštjan Perovšek.

Marko Jamnik, Boštjan Perovšek