Gerhard Gross – Seattle Works

29.10. – 01.12. 2008; Galerija Fair Ljubljana

Six photographic series made during the summer of 2003 in Seattle represent architectural motifs in smaller series of 3–4 photographs. Night scenes always exclude people, although it is people who created them. Reduced light conditions require long-term exposure and special circumstances. While external sources of light and moving objects represent unexpected disturbing elements, this technique allows for simultaneous imaging of light/colour effects, which remain hidden to the human eye and give and impression of digital after-treatment. In contrast to individual photographs, the motif is represented in a series of photographs which correspond to the succession of slow movement around or closing in on the motif while illustrating the long duration of the process of physical attainment of this motif – the search for the object, angle of view selection and observation of the environment. The focus on the motif and its surroundings which can be subjected to a certain location also presents a risk; this is a time-intensive, contemplative process. It follows the goal of depicting a uniqueness of the motif in a most authentic way. One could call it a »genre photograph«, subjectively perceived in this place, expressing »silence« as a key element. In this way the subjective selection of the motif, connected with technical abilities enables the depiction of objects, which at first glance seem imperceptible and fall outside the ordinary, aesthetical norms.