Gyula Fodor – Noosphere

29.10. – 22.11. 2008; Galerija Photon Ljubljana

The term noosphere refers to the “spere of human thought”. An “intelligent cover” around the globe which embraces all intellectual processes. Gyula Fodor doesn’t follow the theological reference of the term neither the one to Virtual Reality. He rather tries to create a new artistic reference for noosphere. This is the life-enhancing euphoria that coincides with “the liberty of the migrant” and which more than makes up for the remaining pain over the loss incurred. A partial exchange of populations takes place, without any seizure of the land. Today’s diaspora of people living in exile differs from the classical type in that it is subject to multiple, transnational and “rhizomatic” processes of networking — in short, to globalisation. In this way, a new category of “the world’s people” is created, traducing national boundaries. Sur-rounding the surface of the globe, we see a vibrating layer of the spirit of the times, as in a beehive, just before the bees start to swarm. This social climate change calls for new ways of seeing, new angles and perspectives on what we construe to be “our world”. What is needed is the multiple perspective of the “migrant’s gaze.” The experience of exile is the space capsule from which I can begin to shoot my photographs.What I am attempting to make
visible from this perspective, with the use of my camera, is a new universe – literally an “invented” universe, newly found and composed from photographic objects trouvés.
Dorohtee Frank