Matej Sitar – Tsuriai

23.10. – 11.11. 2008; Rdeča Galerija, Atelje 2050 Ljubljana

The series Tsuriai was created during a one month journey in Japan. The author wanted to concentrate on two different sides of this country, the classical side and the modern side and represent them as diptychs. The collection deals with the two opposite poles of Japan and the experience of a visitor from the West and his impression of this country. On the one hand we immediately think of the classical and traditional Japan of the Meiji and Edo eras, but on the other we cannot ignore the newest of technologies and wild Japanese teenagers. This is the modern Japan. Rarely is this duality as obviously expressed as in the land of the rising sun. In introducing this series the author not only focused on its content and its visual aspects, but also on its technical side. The author wanted to present the contradictions (differences) in a different way. The photographs depicting classical Japan are all taken with a classical camera and dia film. They represent contradicting stories, which, when looked upon as a whole, create balance- harmony. This harmony of contradictions is narrative and visual but also technical.