Miniature 2008

05.11 – 30.11. 2008; Gorenjski muzej Kranj

The initiative for the biennial exhibition titled “Miniatures” came from the Janez Puhar Photography Club in Kranj and they presented it at the first exhibition of miniature photographs in 2002. The exhibition received positive reviews and subsequently an international exhibition of photographic miniatures was presented in 2004. The 2008 exhibition “Miniatures” is also international, with special attention that will be given to still lives. The “photographic miniature” is a common photographic term, which denotes a type of photography, prevalent among photographers before WWII, due to the limitations of photography at the time. In the past, photographs were as big as the photographic plate, while in recent times, we are used to seeing primarily photographic magnifications. In a way, this exhibition of photographic miniatures is returning to the mentioned beginnings of the photography. According to application requirements, photographs may not exceed 7 x 10 or 10 x 10 cm. Unlike magnified photographs, a small format demands innovative ways of approaching issues of composition, color and lighting. So the audience too must also change their perspective when approaching and evaluating the photographs. The co-organizers of the exhibition are the Cabinet for Slovenian Photography at the Gorenjska Museum and the Janez Puhar Photography Club from Kranj. Photographers are cordially invited to submit photographs for the competition.
Damir Globočnik