Nika Rupnik

Nika Rupnik, Brez naslova / Untitled, 2013
Nika Rupnik, Brez naslova / Untitled, 2013


Opening: 5 June at 8 pm

5-30 June 2014

Kiosk, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

WHERE: Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, Ljubljana

Kiosk completes this year’s cycle of young generation artists presenting their latest works. In her site-specific installations, the academic painter Nika Rupnik explores the cross-sections and embededness of photography in a totality of space invaded by multi-media. She reveals – through the structures of order, trash and drawing – the grace and aesthetics of in/completeness.

Based on art photography and collage, Nika Rupnik’s site-specific installations feature additional drawing elements, waste materials, transparent foils, adhesive tape, maps and other media. Such artwork speaks of its emergence, of the process of existence and about being stripped out of real life. It exposes the unnatural state of the gallery space and strives to colonise the bare wall with organicity and the cosiness of growth, transition and the moment.

The photographs are cut-outs from the artist’s life; in particular, motifs of her travels that make the viewer think about active movement, their position in space and about unique memories. The impressions of transience which rather than having an end, are constantly turning and transforming, are enhanced by her raw sketches that function as maps of roads and cross-roads, and by shadows of projections that reflect the vanishing and intangibility of experience. The layering of materials guides the viewer’s eye through a multimedia structure, and encourages you to physically explore the fine-art qualities. And yet, the symbolism of the artwork is revealed through the very simultaneity of order and chaos, the completeness of the artwork and the decomposition of space through the viewer’s movements and the immobility of the exhibit. It is a junction of the alienated with the human, the experienced with forgotten, the material with photographic.

Lara Plavčak