series by Emina Djukić

series by Emina Djukić

New Old Compositions

series by Emina Djukić

Emina Djukić, Phoenix, 2011
Emina Djukić, Phoenix, 2011

Emina Djukić

Opening: 2 June at 1pm

Foyer I, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


New Old Compositions is a project by Emina Djukić exploring markers of the identity of a spac, mapping their changes in time. The photographer examines the relation of the contemporary towards the past (and vice versa) from the perspective of the transformation of a space of production into a space of consumption. In the process, she defies the fundamental postulates of photography, its restricted planarity and its (in)ability to condense duration.

The backstory involves research into the hundred-year history of a place with coordinates 46°8’17.30” N x 14°24’47.13” E. At the centre of attention is an area of around 10,000 square meters, situated in the town of Medvode between Gorenjska and Komandanta Staneta Roads, along the Ljubljana – Kranj railway line, and Barletova Road. On this spot, the foundation stone for an oil mill was laid in 1908. The oil mill came to provide jobs for around 20 people. Fifteen years later, the facility was bought by wholesale merchant and industrialist Franc Medić who started a thriving paint and varnish factory that would later, after World War II, become Color Medvode. A second home to many of its employees until the 1990s, the plant had a profound impact on the development of the town. As a textbook example of damaging transitional operations, it failed to survive the shift into capitalism: The company was bought by its competitor, Helios, while the land was sold to Spar. The retailer tore down all the buildings, built a large parking lot and a new shopping centre, and opened to the public on 29 October 2015.

(Emina Djukić)

The exhibition is open until 5 July 2016.

Gallery hours:
Every day: 10.00-22.00

Address: Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana