Igor Bijuklič – Na rezilu horizonta

21.10. – 11.11. 2008; KUD France Prešeren

The series of photos “On the blade of horizon” is the result of the author’s coincidental experience from roaming, travelling and flaneur strolls and his contact and confrontations with more or less familiar locations and places. A fascination over open spaces, vacuum, strong contrasts, reflecting surfaces and straight lines led the author to certain places. As he developed a permanent relationship with those places that got him to return constantly, and at the same time, perceive the place and its happening once again. The author chased rare and selected moments; weather occurrences or some other strange parts of the day that from different reasons could open up some kind of a crack where familiar surroundings turned to extraordinary and non-recurring. A play of absence and presence of human figures in the photos are a central line of a personal or maybe even intimate confession, thus the author’s role and his desire not to stay only a secret observer but also to participate in the happening. From the placement of human figures in the room (very often only a barely noticeable silhouette can be seen) we can see the author’s relation or momentary disposition towards them. In almost all the photos and all the themes, we can see the elements of intentional and sincere experiment that creates illusion and imaginary figures with a visible subjection to projecting the mood in the room before the lenses as consistently as possible.