Portret: Berlin, Sodobna fotografija in video umetnost iz Berlina

14.11. – 06.12. 2008, City Museum of Ljubljana

Soon two decades will have passed since the Berlin Wall fell, the line of demarcation between East and West, symbolically concentrated in the former front-line city. Since the reunification, Berlin has changed radically. Almost the whole social structure was called into question; the result is a politically, intellectually and architectonically transformed city. Artists and gallerists from all over the world have settled in the innumerable factory buildings, especially in the formerly Eastern part of the city, and they transform Berlin into a huge site of production and exchange of contemporary art, which is unparalleled. Numerous photographers have accompanied those processes of change – and had a share in shaping it visually. In this compilation, the photographic view is focussed on the people and their spaces.

Matthias Harder