Robert Blaško – The Lost Project

24.11. – 14.12. 2008, Galerija Alkatraz Ljubljana

The 1990s post-communist situation – the analogue, pre-digital world, without mobile phones, email, digital cameras. When the Berlin wall falls, Velvet Revolution ensues and old systems stop functioning. A short time of euphoria is followed by grave insecurity in society and loss of vision for the future. A generation gap magnified by the new conditions leaves the youth generation with no one to turn to for answers. The patterns and stories of our parents are suddenly rendered useless – new problems and situations require new approaches without precedent. Few have the capacity to adapt at the rapid pace of the new technologies, the burgeoning economy and encroaching globalization. Mafiosi influence or participate in parliament. Chaos rules and stability is absent for a while. The last youth generation of analogues and walkmen emerged from unstable social and political fault lines, then receded and became lost. Now they try to catch up to the Google generation. What to do with the analogue memories? Is life only digital? Is the human dialogue over a cup of tea or coffee the same as it was during the pre-digital era when there was no persistent mobile ringing, when life was not defined by hundreds of messages in mail boxes and instant messengers. We cannot return – life means change and impels reflection. The pictures here are coming from this lost period. They appear here in public exhibition for the last time. The installation is already in museum.