ŠYMON KLIMAN: Fashion in Action
8 June – 11 July 2012

ŠYMON KLIMAN: Fashion in Action 8 June – 11 July 2012

ŠYMON KLIMAN: Moda v akciji

ŠYMON KLIMAN: Fashion in Action
8 June – 11 July 2012

Šymon Kliman, from the Fashion in Action series, 2011

8 June – 11 July 2012

Opening: Friday, 8 June at 8 pm

Galerija Dimenzija napredka Solkan

Šymon Kliman’s Fashion in Action series represents the overlap between reality and fiction and links the principles of both fashion and documentary photography. The real world with real people, real streets and places but with unreal characters of fashion models within these spaces. This work is closely connected to his Women in the Household series, inspired by ordinary women working in their homes.

The false illusions contained within magazine images showing retouched models can create hurtful experiences and make women unhappy with their own image. Therefore, Kliman decided to create a new cycle, using models that he placed within the everyday environment. He captures places where such models are totally unexpected.

Šymon Kliman is a young photographer, experimenting with different types of photography from documentary, through fashion, to street photography. His first project was called Beautiful People, and is about a gypsy community. This series was created between 2008–11, when Kliman visited gypsy communities around Kežmarok and made portraits of the people living there.  While working on this, he became interested and closely connected to the marginalized communities and they in return accepted him into their specific environment. In this way, he was able to capture these people and to reveal their desire for happiness and life in better conditions.

Following Beautiful People, Kliman decided to continue portraying ordinary and marginalised people and started a project called The Partisans. When working on this series, the photographer took inspiration from ‘his French idol’ known as JR. Even though he was strongly influenced by JR´s formal features, the thematic framework is particularly local. He is trying to revive memories of Slovakia’s heroes of WW2. Once again, travelling and listening to these old men and women who experienced the war and managed to survive, proved to be a great challenge. Behind every portrait there is a (real) story, depicting certain fragments of their confessions. These portraits are exhibited in enormous sizes on the walls of bridges, buildings and stations in Bratislava.

(Michaela Bosáková)