Tomo Brejc – Photographs

25.11. – 30.12. 2008; Razstavni salon Rotovž, Umetnostna galerija Maribor

As an artist, Tomo Brejc always strived for a determined deviation from accepted patterns of the authorial photography context – he managed to create a unique recognizable style, which turns mainly to directed documentarism, based on a firm, conceptually oriented background. He was one of the first photographers to create his own artistic plans in such a consistent and formally purified way on large format photographic prints. His staged figures can identify themselves with the flow of a film story or a coincidental motif of a documentary photograph, while their characteristics are subtle, often completely irrational narratives, which pose more questions than offer clear answers. At the moment, Tomo Brejc’s planning in the context of authorial photography is taking a completely new turn as it highlights quite metaphysical motifs, subliminal images of nature or artificial environment of human civilization, which push away the emphasized narrativity and instead prefer extremely formal consistency and research. The presented photograph series is currently nameless, it is not final and concluded; this is a completely new direction in the author’s constantly formal research of the photographic media, its infinite expressional and confessional possibilities.