Triestefotografia for Ljubljana

04.11. – 30.11. 2008; Jakopičeva galerija Ljubljana

In September 2008, Triestèfotografia festival witnessed its fourth edition. This annual event organised by the colleagues from Trieste working within the Juliet Institute (they also publish the art magazine with the same name) is mainly aimed at presentation of photography made in Italy and the neighbouring countries. As a result of last year’s cooperation agreement between Photon Gallery, Month of Photography festival and Juliet Institute, Photon Gallery presented within Triestèfotografia festival three exhibition projects. And in November, Ljubljana festival introduces fourteen Italian artists selected among a number of national and international participants of the exhibitions presented at the fourth edition of the Triestèfotografia festival 2008. It is stories in random order, expressed with the use of various performing techniques and signed by a group of photographers characterised by different experiences.

Artists: Alessandro Paderni, Marco Citron, Lorena Matic, Francesco Bruni, Antonio Serrapica, Massimo Premuda, Francesca Martinelli, Fabio Rinaldi, Tommaso Lizzul, Plinio Martelli, Alice Meden, Gianni Pasinato, Raul Gilioli, Sebastiano Bettio