Two openings: Bojan Salaj & Nina Đurđević

Bojan Salaj, Interierji II / Interiors II, 2006
Bojan Salaj, Interierji II / Interiors II, 2006


BOJAN SALAJ: Interiors-Correspondences

Wednesday, 28 May at 7 pm

National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana


NINA ĐURĐEVIĆ: The Space Between & Objective

Wednesday, 28 May at 8 pm

Small Gallery, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


Bojan Salaj: Interiors-Correspondences

The principal motif of the exhibition and event Interiors-Correspondences, is the ambivalent relation between an individual and their inner intimate space and the physical architectural space of some institutions essential to both state and society. Through a specific spatial arrangement, Bojan Salaj seeks to evoke an active response to these topics fundamentally affecting citizens of every EU member country. The installation comprises four objects set in an orthogonal arrangement with a slight dynamic shift created by the architecture of the National Gallery.  MORE…

28 May – 30 June 2014


Nina Đurđević: The Space Between & Objective

A self-portrait can be defined as the literal or figurative projection of the self into the picture. Considering Nina Đurđević’s work over the years, the self-portrait is, according to this definition, a recurring theme. Taking the author’s intention into account, The Space Between and Objective, two seemingly, entirely different photographic series can both be defined as self-portraiture. In The Space Between series she documents walls in the spaces where she was living and staying, while in the Objective series she creates nude self-portraits arranging her body in pseudo-erotic poses.  MORE…

28 May – 30 June 2014