Jelena Vivoda – Urbano-ruralno–umetno-naravno–hitro-počasno

14.10. – 03.11. 2008; KUD France Prešeren

The exhibition „Urban-rural-artificial-natural-fast–slow“ consists of 16 photographic diptychs; one image shows nature and its different visual manifestations, and the other urban objects made by the human hand. Images have similar compositions and conditions of shooting, which emphasizes the similarities and differences between them. These images, made during 2006, will open a discussion about differences and similarities, fast changes and the way of life. After the opening of the exhibition a discussion will start on the subject of urban vs. natural. During this discussion a group will be formed to work on the same concept. Their assignment will be to photograph Ljubljana, to find the motifs in the city and suburbs that can be compared in a similar way. The group and author will be in constant touch and will lead each other through communication. The work of this group will conclude with their exhibition and a discussion on gained experience.