Alexandra Polina, Generation 60, 2014 - zmagovalka Večernih projekcij 2014 / Evening Projections winner of 2014
Alexandra Polina, Generation 60, 2014 – zmagovalka Večernih projekcij 2014 / Evening Projections winner of 2014


We are proud to announce the winners of Evening Projections for 2016:

  1. Klaus Pichler for the “Golden Days Before They End” series
  2. Igor Pisuk for the “Deceitful Reverence” series
  3. Marta Zgierska for the “Post” series

The second edition of Evening Projections took place on 3 and 4 June within the frame of the Photonic Moments – Month of Photography festival of 2016, offering audiences an encounter with a selection of works by contemporary photographers from around the globe who successfully applied to Photon’s open call. The public screenings provide the selected photographers an opportunity to showcase their works to a broader public.

Evening Projections present a wide spectrum of photographic projects that have brought about innovative approaches and topical subjects. Furthermore, they reflect the latest developments in contemporary photography in the global arena. The jury consisting of Miha Colner (curator at Photon and publicist), Emina Djukić (lecturer, photographer and publicist) and Jasna Jernejšek (curator and coordinator at Photon) have selected 46 photographic projects among 244 applications. These are showcased as part of the Evening Projections events.

Moreover, the jury has selected three competition award winners out of the 46 photographic projects selected. The winners will be announced at the close of the screening sessions, on the evening of 4 June. The winner receives an invitation to have a solo exhibition at Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana, in 2017.

3 June:

1. Francesco Merlini (Italy)
2. Andrea Eichenberger (Brazil)
3. Evgeniy Stepanets (Ukraine)
4. Shu-Chen Chen (Taiwan)
5. Klaus Pichler (Austria)
6. Boris Eldagsen (Germany)
7. Violeta Tešić (Serbia)
8. Superultraextra art-duo (Eva Bold & Patryk Hadas) (Poland)
9. Fabian Rockenfeller (Germany)
10. Bastien Roustan (France)
11. Uroš Kastelic (Slovenia)
12. Andrea Palašti (Serbia)
13. Federico Estol (Uruguay)
14. Hiro Tanaka (Japan)
15. Julia Autz (Germany)
16. Marta Zgierska (Poland)
17. Gilles Roudière (France):
18. Kumi Oguro (Japan / Belgium)
19. Maša Kores (Slovenia)
20. Laureen Machu (France)
21. Juha Arvid Helminen (Finland)
22. Olga Matveeva (Russia)
23. Jorge Lopez (Spain)

4 June

1. Yanina Shevchenko & Kyler Zeleny (Russia / Spain / Canada)
2. Marie Sordat (Belgium)
3. Muhammad Fadli (Indonesia)
4. Michel le Belhomme (France)
5. Fotosfera group (Slovenia)
6. Anna Horčinová (Slovakia)
7. Michal Korta (Poland)
8. Belgrade Raw group (Serbia)
9. Christine Pearl (USA)
10. Mariya Kozhanova (Russia)
11. Igor Pisuk (Poland)
12. Marko Stojanović (Serbia)
13. Sandrine Lopez (France)
14. Ekaterina Vasilyeva (Russia)
15. Arianna Sanesi (Italy)
16. Manuel Armenis (Germany)
17. Véronique L’Hoste (France)
18. Ke Peng (China)
19. Djordje Odanović (Serbia)
20. Kai Löffelbein (Germany)
21. Mischa Christen (Switzerland)
22. Yoshikatsu Fujii (Japan)
23. Luka Kedžo (Croatia)


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