young authors from eastern parts of Slovenia

young authors from eastern parts of Slovenia

Eastern Glimpses

young authors from eastern parts of Slovenia

Matija Brumen, Girls, 2013
Matija Brumen, Punčke, 2013

Saša Huzjak, Sandra Požun, Gregor Radonjič, Matija Brumen, Dejan Bulut, Rene Strgar

Opening: 10 June at 8pm

Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor


Eastern Glimpses is an exhibition showcasing the young, creative, local forces in the field of auteur photography from eastern parts of Slovenia. Often overlooked in the country’s cultural landscape, photographers from the Štajerska region have been systematically brought to attention over the last two years through the concept of Foto karma: a modern, interactive, mobile digital gallery. Foto karma enables photographers to maintain a basic online presence, continuously sharing and developing a collective photographic narrative in the city of Maribor and its surroundings. Occasionally, Foto kamra reaches beyond the realms of the digital, manifesting itself as a pop-up gallery displaying a curated selection of works. Eastern Glimpses is latest incarnation of what the gallery has to offer.

Even if the selection of six photographers cannot provide a comprehensive overview of the latest in photography from this region, it can point to the array of approaches and the diversity of their creativity. At the same time, it provides compelling “flashes” of insight into the current work of the artists, who are increasingly transcending the borders of the local. For the most part, the selected works are conceptually coherent, be they images of the world as depicted in Gregor Radonjič’s expressive meditations, Dejan Bulut’s fantastical photographs, or Saša Huzjak’s Instagram pieces. Despite their indisputable beauty, Rene Strgar’s drone shots inspire Orwellian reflections on the general political climate in Europe, a topic relentlessly explored also in Sandra Požun’s series of photographs from the border. Matija Brumen’s works depicting treasures from the local and national music underground will be a real surprise, for some.

Vetrinjski dvor, the press and information centre for the exhibition, will also host evening events, talks, and the occasional screening exploring the same subject matter as the works on exhibit.

(Ivana Unuk)

The exhibition is open until 15 July 2016.

Gallery hours:
Every day: 10.00-18.00

Address: Vetrinjska ulica 30, Maribor