Stojan Kerbler – Exhibition for Seventieth Anniversary of an artist

11.11. – 20.12. 2008; Gorenjski muzej Kranj

Stojan Kerbler (b. 1983) became involved with photography as a student. He was the co-founder of the Photogroup Šolt. Since 1965 he has been an active member of the Maribor Photo Club, which created the photography of what was then called the Maribor circle in the 1970’s. Prior to 1980’s he prepared three separate photography series: “Portraits from the Streets of Ptuj”, “The People of Haloze” and “Koline” (a traditional feast in rural areas on the occasion of pig slaughter, and the making of pork-based products). These series are considered to be the core of Kerbler’s photographic opus. Because of their excellence, he has become the most frequently awarded Slovenian photographer. In 1979 he received the Prešeren Fund Award for the series “The People of Haloze”. In 2002 he won the Janez Puhar Award for extraordinary artistic achievement in the field of photography. He has also photographed motifs at the Aluminium factory in Kidričevo. In 2003 his monograph entitled “People” was published.