Viljem Cigoj – Pripovedovanja

07.11. – 10.12. 2008; Fotogalerija Stolp Maribor

The selection of photographs from the oeuvre of Vilijem Cigoj, self titled as Narrations, comprises works from three artistic series: Traveling through the Time and Space, Burja and Bread. These photographic cycles represent independent and complete entireties not related whatsoever in terms of content. What they share is the artist’s recognizable expression testifying that motifs of his works are closely connected with coastal landscape and its tradition. The presented motifs, however, are not a reflection of reality but staged narratives, meaning that he produces them systematically, following a clearly elaborated plan which requires prior transitional and mental visualization of the scenes. Further to this, the artist also precisely determines the sequences of individual scenes with deliberated consideration of individual snap-shot so that the series fulfils his expectations. The cycle of six photographs titled Traveling through the Time and Space is a narrative expressed in symbolic language which brings his intimate view and understanding of the natural cycle of life determined with the beginning and the end. On individual photographs, the faint image of a man in a limited space transforms into a shapeless shade, due to the fact that long exposition almost completely blurred its shape. The inexorable passing of time is additionally emphasized by four sequence shots which denote the sequence of periods in human life and their temporal correlation. The narration is rounded off by the image of a child in an abandoned and vacated interior who symbolizes new life and brings hope to man’s uncertain everyday life.